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Maersk Equipment Facts



Maersk Equipment Facts



(basis October 1st 2013)
Total fleet : 4.1 million TEU / 2.55 million containers
Dry : 964,000 x 20’s / 1,243,000 x 40’s / 45,000 x 45’s
Reefer : 26,000 x 20’s / 238,000 x 40’s
Specials : 5,000 x 20’Open / 12,000 x 40’Open / 13,500 x 40’Flat / ~3,000 x Other

A few curious facts about the fleet:
If all Maersk Line’s containers were lined up in a long row, they would stretch more than 25,000 kilometers or 0.62 times around the world. It is the equivalent of 593 marathons. With all the containers lined up, if you were driving next to them in a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (the world’s fastest car) at top speed of 431 km/hour, it would take you 58 hours to drive the entire distance – plus fuel stops! In a Kia Picanto it would take you 146 hours. It would take the Tour de France riders more than 25 days - and that’s if they do 25 days of non-stop cycling! The weight of the entire container fleet is roughly 7.95 million tons which is the same as more than 1.7 million elephants or 18,000 fully loaded jumbo jets.

If all the containers were loaded to the maximum, they could hold as much as 71 million tons worth of cargo or almost the weight of all the people in China!

The cubic capacity of all the containers is 138 million cubic meters, or roughly the same as 4,1 trillion ping pong balls or 419 billion bottles of Coca-Cola.




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