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  • 区块链技术在航运界的运用,会带给企业哪些好处?

According to the research of Maersk, single shipments can require sign-off from 30 unique organizations and up to 200 communications, by implement of blockchain technology, huge communications can be saved, and the documentation/information flow will be more security.

  • 若有坏处,对企业的运营造成的最大影响是什么?或者最先被影响到的是哪个方面?

The investment in new technology is a huge money for the shipping industry, seldom carriers would have such budget in IT infrastructure.

  • 在交易的过程中,使用区块链分别对供应链管理者,海运承运人,港口以及海关机构有哪些好处?

For the shippers, the blockchain technology can reduce the cost of documentation flow, and avoid the risk of failure of the delivery of paper documentations.

For the carriers and terminals, the blockchain technology can help the digitized information interchange among trading partners more efficiency in a secure channel.

For the customs, the blockchain technology can provide a cross-check solution to varies of certificates/licenses in real time.

  • 在实际的区块链操作过程中,交易平台中的各个节点可能会面临哪些问题和风险?

Blockchain technology will lose some flexibility in terms of special handling, taking cargo release as example, customer can pick up cargo against a copy of Sea Way Bill(customer can settle the freight later as they’re credit customer), which can be download from the carrier’s online service portal at the early stage of shipment. But Blockchain request some “computing” with different participants to a shared ledger, if one participant is failure to update on time(if the financial department failure to update a “credit” record into the blockchain), will result in delay of cargo delivery.

  • 您对于区块链在物流和供应链的发展前景怎么看?

All technology has a main goal in supply chains management, such as zero stock and agile manufacturing. Blockchain technology must prove itself that it can provide an appropriate solution to optimize one of these key factors.

  • 区块链的核心技术是去中心化。若使用在物流以及供应链中,传统的第三方物流公司是否会被取代?

I don’t think 3rd party logistics will be replaced, customer need the cargo delivery with physical move at the end of the day, Blockchain can not be the actual role who deliver the cargo.

  • 第三方物流公司是否有可能利用区块链技术?

Smart contract is one of key concept in Blockchain, 3rd party logistics company can use their platform to provide more flexible service for the small shippers who have not yet implied the Blockchain.



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这可不是一般Uber粉丝可以得到的待遇。 吐舌头


Subject: CloudFlare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding your site.


CloudFlare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding your site.

CloudFlare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding:


Below is the complaint we received:

Reporter's Name: Mooni Patel

Trademark Holder's Name:

Reporter's Email Address: takedowns@uber.com

Reporter's Title: Sr. Paralegal, IP

Reporter's Company Name: Uber Technologies, Inc.

Reporter's Telephone Number: 4158423435

Reporter's Address: US

Reported URLs:


Original Work: Trademarked Symbol: Uber Technologies, Inc.

Registration Number: 3977893

Registration Office: USPTO

Logs or Evidence of Abuse: The account makes use of Uber's UBER trademark in an attempt to impersonate Uber's official help channels and potentially glean private user data. The account has made unauthorized use of illegally replicated content from the Uber website.

The original, non-infringing content can be found on Uber's website at http://help.uber.com.

We have provided the name of your hosting provider to the reporter. Additionally, we have forwarded this complaint to your hosting provider as well.


CloudFlare Abuse





Baltic Runner

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This time lapse footage was made while I worked on a containership the MV Carat going around the Baltic Sea and North Europe. During the trip we went from Riga, Latvia to Tallinn, Estonia to Klaipeda, Lithuania, Gdynia, Poland, then to the other side of Europe through the Kiel Canal to Hamburg and Bremerhaven, Germany. This was a very fast paced environment, sometimes as little as eight hours sailing between ports and many berth shifts while loading and unloading cargo. Note the precise shiphandling while maneuvering the ship and without any assistance of the tug boats. Over 15,000 photos were used to put this video together, all summed up in five minutes. Enjoy!

All footage and sequences available in 4K.
For licensing / permission to use or special projects contact Georgeleonphotography@gmail.com
Photography and editing by George Leonov
Music by Disfigure "Hollah!”. NCS NoCopyrightSounds

Camera - Panasonic Lumix GH3
Lens - LUMIX G X VARIO 12-35mm / F2.8 ASPH
Smooth transitions by LRTimelapse 3

© 2015 George Leonov

What is the dispose policy for container which caused casualties in accident?

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Container truck accident on highway caused causalities is not rare for us, what is the policy for carrier to dispose these containers (with blood sometimes) ?

It's a topic not refer to certain carrier nor questioning their policy but more like a respect to human being.


container accident

container accident

Naval exercise on Mary Maersk

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Naval exercise on Mary Maersk

今年9月28号,Mary Maersk和丹麦皇家海军进行了一次反海盗演习。

Naval exercise on Mary Maersk

Naval exercise on Mary Maersk from Maersk Line on Vimeo. On 28 September, Mary Maersk provided the backdrop for the Royal Danish Navy in an anti-piracy training mission. Video credit: Royal Danish Navy It was a dramatic evening for Mary Maersk last Sunday. Sailing through the Fehmarn Belt dividing Denmark and Germany, 30 soldiers were suddenly lowered from helicopters to board the vessel. Members of the Frogman Corps – an elite commando unit of the Royal Danish Navy – their mission was to defeat the pirates who had taken control of the large container vessel. It was all an exercise, of course, and piracy in the Baltic Sea has been non-existent for centuries. For the Royal Danish Navy, however, the rescue operation was designed to be as realistic as possible in preparing them for anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden, where Danish troops are regularly posted as part of an international force. Role-playing to secure maritime interests The operation included a wide number of actors in a role-playing setting, including paramedics, military police and the pirates themselves. The frigate Niels Juel was close at hand throughout. After having successfully freed the crew, the elite unit proceeded to search the ship for any remaining threats before they could the mission a success. Night Hawk is a multinational exercise for elite units, held every other year in Denmark since 2000. More than 1,300 soldiers from seven different countries take part in the exercise with support from helicopters, aircraft and ships. Chief of the Frogman Corps Stefan Neubauer Andersen says: “The mission is absolutely serious in terms of what we have seen happen in the area off of Somalia. And it is an important part of securing Denmark’s maritime interests globally.” Maersk Line contributed by offering access to the vessel, but makes it clear that the participation does not indicate any changes to the current threat assessment.

Naval exercise on Mary Maersk

Naval exercise on Mary Maersk

Naval exercise on Mary Maersk

Naval exercise on Mary Maersk

Maersk Equipment Facts

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Maersk Equipment Facts


Maersk Equipment Facts



(basis October 1st 2013)
Total fleet : 4.1 million TEU / 2.55 million containers
Dry : 964,000 x 20’s / 1,243,000 x 40’s / 45,000 x 45’s
Reefer : 26,000 x 20’s / 238,000 x 40’s
Specials : 5,000 x 20’Open / 12,000 x 40’Open / 13,500 x 40’Flat / ~3,000 x Other

A few curious facts about the fleet:
If all Maersk Line’s containers were lined up in a long row, they would stretch more than 25,000 kilometers or 0.62 times around the world. It is the equivalent of 593 marathons. With all the containers lined up, if you were driving next to them in a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (the world’s fastest car) at top speed of 431 km/hour, it would take you 58 hours to drive the entire distance – plus fuel stops! In a Kia Picanto it would take you 146 hours. It would take the Tour de France riders more than 25 days - and that’s if they do 25 days of non-stop cycling! The weight of the entire container fleet is roughly 7.95 million tons which is the same as more than 1.7 million elephants or 18,000 fully loaded jumbo jets.

If all the containers were loaded to the maximum, they could hold as much as 71 million tons worth of cargo or almost the weight of all the people in China!

The cubic capacity of all the containers is 138 million cubic meters, or roughly the same as 4,1 trillion ping pong balls or 419 billion bottles of Coca-Cola.


Bad Joke

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A man was sitting in the bar at Felixstowe port. A beautiful woman walks in and sits down at the table next to him. So he decides because she's at the port, she's probably an off-duty shipping Line Customer Service agent.
So he decides to have a go at picking her up by identifying the shipping line she works for, thereby impressing her greatly.
He leans across to her and says the APL motto 'Moving Business Forward'.
The woman looks at him blankly. He sits back and thinks up another line.
He leans forward again and delivers the Maersk Line motto 'Creating Opportunities in Global Commerce'.
Again she just stares at him with a slightly puzzled look on her face.
Undeterred, he tries again, this time saying the OOCL motto "We take it personally".
The woman looks at him sternly and says 'What the f*** do you want?'
'Ah!' he says, sitting back with a smile on his face........
'Mediterranean Shipping Company'.


DAMCO Emerges Winner of the Coveted Best Logistics Service Provider

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Singapore, 23 April 2008 - DAMCO, a global freight forwarder walked away triumphant at the 22nd Asia Freight Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA) held in Singapore yesterday where it was presented the 'Best Logistics Service Provider - Sea Freight' accolade.

Jens Wessel, Head of DAMCO for Asia-Pacific said: "This is a very special moment for us. It is the first time that we have won a major industry award since the DAMCO brand was launched in July last year. I am strongly encouraged that we have managed to establish ourselves in the logistics and transportation industry within this short period, reflected by the strong vote of confidence from our customers.
The AFSCA finalists and winners are often seen as the voice of Asia's shippers, as much as the event is a celebration of excellence in the industry. When we launched the DAMCO brand last year, together with the tagline "DAMCO. Your personal forwarder", we made a commitment to our customers to offer flexible, localised, and personalised services. Winning this Award is a reflection of our customers' satisfaction with the DAMCO brand and the qualities of flexible, localised and personalised services that it represents. We recognise that we will need to continue to work even harder to ensure DAMCO delivers on all of its commitments to our customers in the future.
Customers' transportation needs are at the heart of our business. Whether they need to move many hundreds of containers across the oceans, or a limited amount of urgent stock via airfreight, we provide personalised services so that customers enjoy the advantages of a single point of contact."


Bulats test result

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准确D来讲系Bulats similar test,叫做过左最低要求,writing有待改进。。。

Tony Tang,xxxx xxxx
Assessment Result

We are glad to inform you that your result in Bulats Similar English Assessment is as follows:
Level      Requirement of your position
3+            2-
3-            2-

For detailed description of English level and the minimum requirement for each position, please refer to Maersk English Ability Description and Requirement which you may access via http://enableportal.apmoller.net/C6/C15/C3/English%20Learning/default.aspx

Personal Development

English, our corporate language, is the glue that binds our local organization together with our global organization and clients. It is a pre-requisite for you to excel and fully take advantage of the almost unlimited growth opportunities in Maersk.
English level will be considered as important as the objectives and other competencies in your appraisal. If you do not attain the basic English requirements it will mean that further promotions and advancements will not be possible in our company. We are aware of the additional efforts demanded by you in order to improve your English capabilities. We fully believe in our value of personal growth and we as a company will seek to support in any way possible to achieve the improvements.

Your English Learning Objectives

Your 2007 English assessment result shows you have a good foundation to work from. However, to achieve your personal development goal, it is now important to continuously maintain and develop the acquired English proficiencies, as well as to support and encourage the development of others. We recommend that you discuss with your immediate supervisor to set further objectives in English learning and find out what approach can be used to achieve these objectives.

Company Support

To support your efforts, our GCA Generic Training team has prepared the 2007 English Learning Guideline. You may access via http://enableportal.apmoller.net/C6/C15/C3/English%20Learning/default.aspx, besides, a list of recommended resources is also provided via http://enableportal.apmoller.net/C6/C15/C3/English%20Learning/default.aspx.

Enjoy your learning!


Yuexiu Park

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You receive this mail because you are one of the Yue Xiu Park cachers. I got a Yuxiu Park CAD file by chance and want to share with you. :)

The CAD zip file is about 6830kb, you can download it in from here, only one file included.

It'a an real length map, you can ruled the distance as fact.

I marked the cache near "37855, 30719", wish you can enjoy it.

best regards,



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