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  德高货运(DAMCO)公司由荷兰DAMCO海空货运代理公司和丹麦DSLStarExpress公司货代部合并组建而成。DAMCO海空货运代理公司成立于1988年,是原铁行渣华有限公司的货代分公司。2005年,A.P.穆勒-马士基集团收购铁行渣华后,DAMCO海空货运代理公司也一并纳入集团旗下。自2001年起,马士基物流公司除以DSLStarExpress公司的名义提供供应链管理服务外,也开始向客户提供航运货代服务。 2007年7月1日,DSLStarExpress公司和马士基物流公司的空运和陆运部门宣布合并,更名为DAMCO公司。DAMCO公司是A.P.穆勒 -马士基集团旗下公司,总部设在丹麦哥本哈根。


DAMCO Emerges Winner of the Coveted Best Logistics Service Provider

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Singapore, 23 April 2008 - DAMCO, a global freight forwarder walked away triumphant at the 22nd Asia Freight Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA) held in Singapore yesterday where it was presented the 'Best Logistics Service Provider - Sea Freight' accolade.

Jens Wessel, Head of DAMCO for Asia-Pacific said: "This is a very special moment for us. It is the first time that we have won a major industry award since the DAMCO brand was launched in July last year. I am strongly encouraged that we have managed to establish ourselves in the logistics and transportation industry within this short period, reflected by the strong vote of confidence from our customers.
The AFSCA finalists and winners are often seen as the voice of Asia's shippers, as much as the event is a celebration of excellence in the industry. When we launched the DAMCO brand last year, together with the tagline "DAMCO. Your personal forwarder", we made a commitment to our customers to offer flexible, localised, and personalised services. Winning this Award is a reflection of our customers' satisfaction with the DAMCO brand and the qualities of flexible, localised and personalised services that it represents. We recognise that we will need to continue to work even harder to ensure DAMCO delivers on all of its commitments to our customers in the future.
Customers' transportation needs are at the heart of our business. Whether they need to move many hundreds of containers across the oceans, or a limited amount of urgent stock via airfreight, we provide personalised services so that customers enjoy the advantages of a single point of contact."