YY retrieved Abigail's Coin 476 (China Geocoin) from Yue Xiu Park

Tony 提交于 2006-06-24 22:56, 星期六

第一个Geocoin,多谢Cache Sushi。

Location: China
YY retrieved Abigail's Coin 476 (China Geocoin) from Yue Xiu Park at 6/24/2006

Log Date: 6/24/2006
Will take it to next cache.

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Abigail's Coin 476




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  • Hello,
  • New GPS tools for my Mio P350, I want a software that can replace my old "city express"(for the difficult usage).
  • Location: China YY found Foreigner Cemetery in Changzhou (Traditional Cache) at 7/2/2006
  • I replaced the cache with a 700ml container so the no-space problem seems to bo eased. But I kept waiting for nearly 4 hours because of a small water pipe construction along the "cngu".
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