You know that you work for Maersk...

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You know that you work for Maersk...

  • When you send friends an email and its not titled "pics from this weekend" or "saturday party pics" but rather "wk 24 pics." 当你发照片给朋友,写着"24周的照片"而不是"这个周末的照片"。
  • When your friend sends a mobile message to you with an invitation to have some fun and you reply "confirm" instead of something normal. 你回复朋友的短信用"confirm"而不是正常的回答。
  • When you write brgds instead of 'bye or cheers in your hotmail emails 你用brgds而不是bye或cheers在邮件尾部。
  • When you turn on the National Geographic TV Channel and see a program on Container Shipping.....................and you stay and watch it like an idiot 当你看到国家地理频道上关于集装箱嘅节目嘅时候。。。你会像个笨蛋地观看。
  • When you have to pronounce the name of the company in 3 or 4 different ways so that people know you are not talking about a pharmaceutical company 当你用3-4种发音读出公司的名称时听上去就像一间制药厂。(事实上系类似妹儿斯克的发音)
  • When you re using MEPC instead of your GPS 你会用MEPC代替GPS
  • When you instinctively buy clothes featuring a star or at least the blue colour 你本能地购买蓝色或者有星星标志的衣服
  • When you insist that the blue is "Maersk blue", when actually it's the same sky blue that has lasted for centuries - and is in the sky a lot of times... 你坚持认为某种蓝色系马仔蓝 ,即系个种同天空颜色一样嘅蓝。(其实天空嘅颜色几时都响度变)
  • When you say "Pls clarify" instead of "I dont get it" 你会讲"请讲明白"来代替"我唔知你UP乜"
  • When you register in any website automatically using your @maersk 你会用你的UID来注册网站用户名。 (试过。。。我会打成TYT0575)
  • When you press F3 instead of Esc in any system to go backwards 用F3来代替ESC键
  • When you get alert and excited on the street ecery time a container passes by 会警醒并且感觉到兴奋当见到集装箱响条街到
  • When you use three letter codes instead of real cities' names in an email to your friend 用CODE来代替城市名,例如广州系GUA,深圳系SZH
  • When you dial 0 on your house phone 响屋企拨电话都打0先
  • When you pick the phone in your house and say "Maersk Good Morning" 响屋企接电话话"早晨马系鸡"
  • When you think everybody knows who Maersk and Mr Moller is 你觉得每个人都知道马士基同穆勒
  • When you write "Will revert" instead of "I will get back to you" 用回复你代替打翻电话比你
  • When you think CPH is the center of the world 你认为哥本哈根系世界嘅中心
  • When you believe "the container" was the greatest invention in the past century 你认为集装箱系上个世纪最伟大嘅发明
  • When you are proud being a part of a company "creating global opportunities", but nobody even knows the company 你觉得身为"在全球贸易中创造机会"的公司而自豪,但其实没人知道你间野
  • When you're trying to convince yourself that money is not the most important argument to choose a company to work for 你尝试尽量说服自己觉得工作唔系为钱!
  • When you use the underground, while your fellow students drive a newly bought car 你搭紧地铁嘅时候你儿时的玩伴已经开紧新车
  • When you ask somebody out on a date and then write him/her an e-mail "as per telcon, pick up at 20:00 for dinner and movie (costs will be covered by ours). pls confirm understood OK. Tks&rgds" 当你约人出街会写"就如刚才的电话,会响20点带你去吃饭同睇电影(费用AA),请确认明白同埋回复"
  • When you'd rather not use the elevator 当你唔系敢想用电梯(唔明)
  • When you find you are speaking English with a Danish accent 当你发现你的英文有丹麦口音
  • When you write more than 3 'HOWEVER's' in one mail 当你一封信里面有3个"然而"
  • When you easily get annoyed even if your friends are only 2 minutes late and you threaten to report them to their managers. 当你的朋友迟到2分钟你都会唔耐烦并且会恐吓他/她会报告他/她的上司
  • And finally, you are very blue if you have been reading this email, smiling and nodding as you went along.. 最后,如果你会面露微笑并且不断点头,敢你真系非常BLUE(大蓝马士基)。

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2007-08-18 21:07, 星期六

TYT0575 is your UID?


2007-08-18 21:09, 星期六

my UID is ###### , will add you to communicater , ok ?


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